General Information

Name Xiqiang Liu
Languages English, Chinese


  • 2023 - 2025 (Expected)
    Master of Science
    University of California, San Diego
    • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • 2019 - 2023
    Bachelor of Science
    University of California, San Diego
    • Major: Data Science
    • Minor: Business / Cognitive Science


  • 2022 - Present
    Undergraduate Researcher
    Su Lab @ UC San Diego
    • Contributed to the creation of ManiSkill2022, a large-scale robotic manipulation benchmark, by creating assembly manipulation task AssemblingKits, and generat- ing expert demonstration datasets for users interested in demonstration-assisted reinforcement/imitation learning approaches with motion planning algorithms.
  • 2022 - 2023
    Davidson Lab @ UC San Diego
    • Maintainer of Geodata, a Python library for geospatial data collection and pre-analysis, under the guidance of Professor Michael Davidson.
    • Added unit tests for the core functionalities of the library to ensure code quality.
  • 2022
    Data Engineer
    UCSD Chinese Computer Community
    • Worked on a dashboard project that provides visualization and recommendation of nearby housing resources to students at UC San Diego. Maintained data acquisition pipelines and creating a backend for the platform using Flask.


  • 2022
    Undergraduate Tutor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    • Serve as an undergraduate tutor for CSE 158: Web Mining and Recommender Systems under the supervision of Professor Julian McAuley.
    • My main responsibilities include holding office hours and answering questions on the course's Piazza page.
  • 2022
    Instructional Assistant
    Department of Cognitive Science
    • Winter Quarter 2022: Serve as an Instructional Assistant for COGS 14A: Introduction to Research Methods under Professor Rafael Nunez. My main responsibilities include grading course quizzes and exams.
    • Spring Quarter 2022: Serve as an Instructional Assistant for COGS 108: Data Science in Practice under the supervision of Professor Jason Fleischer. Main responsibilities include running the course's autograder and answering student questions on Piazza.